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We Buy The Following Grades of Scrap Metal : -

Scrap Copper
Scrap Brass
Scrap Lead
Scrap Aluminium
Scrap Stainless Steel
Scrap Cable

Scrap Gold & Silver

All Ferrous Scrap
All Non-Ferrous Scrap

Waste Electrical & Electronic Equipment (WEEE)

Scrap Catalytic Convertors
Scrap Lead Acid Batteries
Scrap Traction Batteries

Scrap Cars, Motorcycles, HGV’s, PCV’s, Plant & Machinery. (Certificates of Destruction Issued FOC).


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Since the 3rd December 2012 the Scrap Metal Recycling Industry has seen major changes in legislation, specifically around obtaining and recording customer ID.

More recently the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013 has received Royal Assent bringing with it even tighter controls on the collection of scrap metal and associated payments for the same also.

What this has meant to the industry is that long established working practices have had to be changed owing to the new legal responsibilities placed upon the Industry by the new legislation.

As with all legal requirements, Karalius Brothers (Waste) Limited has taken steps to ensure full compliance with each aspect of the new Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013. By doing so, we can assure our customers of continuity of the level of service they have come to expect from Karalius Brothers (Waste) Limited.

Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013

Cash Banned!

Cashless Trading Commenced
on The
3rd December 2012

Karalius Brothers (Waste) Limited are registered under the Data Protection Act. This has become necessary owing to the more stringent record keeping requirements of the New Scrap Metal Dealers Act. What this means for our customers is that in line with
the key principles of the Data Protection Act, Karalius Brothers (Waste) Limited will: -

Only record what information is necessary and no more than that.

Only use the information recorded for it’s intended purpose.

Uphold each customer’s right to privacy and treat their information with the strictest confidence.

Store all customer records in an environment which ensures their security and integrity. (Please click the button above to access our Data Protection Policy Statement).

Data Protection Policy Statement

Data Protection Policy Statement Don’t Leave it to Chance! Karalius Brothers (Waste) Ltd Compliance Karalius Brothers (Waste) Ltd Consistently Maintaining High Standards